There can be many reasons for tree removal, it may be unsafe, causing problems to a property or neighbor. It may be diseased or may be in the path of a development. We have many years experience in dealing with different situations, both domestic and commercial.
Where trees require maintenance, shaping or pruning, our advice can often save trees and improve the appearance of any garden or landscape. This can involve thinning to allow more light and crown lifting, general cleaning up of dead/diseased or overgrown areas.
The overall height of a tree can be reduced by taking branch ends away evenly to give a more balanced look.
Here at Beaver Tree we have various lift equipment that enables us to work on all trees in any environment at height without a problem.
We can offer you a wide range of logs, in all different sizes, from small bags to full loads, all delivered to your door at a convenient time. FREE delivery in a 10 mile radius (orders £65 and over) Vented Bulk Bag full of seasoned logs – £90 (1 cubic metre) Sack Cart Vented bag full of seasoned logs – £35 Small Sack of logs – £5 Small Sack of kindling – £4
As a follow on from tree felling, often customers require removal of the stump to enable new planting or re use of the ground. We are well experienced in carrying out this work with equipment that will leave the area totally clear.
We can advise on a variety of planting options on both new sites and where tree removal/reduction has taken place.
Hedges and shrubs can be trimmed and maintained to enhance re growth and the overall appearance of the garden or landscape. Annual Maintenance Plans of formal areas can be provided if required.
We can offer to chip any branches/shrubs that have been removed and either leave with customer for own use or we can take away and dispose of. Any logs that have been produced from reduction or felling can be processed by us for fuel/burning use by customer. We have equipment that allows us to do this on the customers site if required.


Here at the beaver tree services we offer a 24 hour service, for emergencies please call us on: 07951 204 397 or 07950 835 733

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